Case Studies

Portfolio Case Studies

Lead generation:
Building and maintaining a healthy sales pipeline means personnel can be directed efficiently – ensuring time is used profitably. A major US software company with global presence, turned to Abachi when they needed to design and pilot a new lead generation and qualification system.
Other examples: Events Company, IT Reseller

Sales Promotion:
Sometimes we need to raise sales quickly – whether it is to move old stock, ensure consultants or partners are fully employed, or simply to improve profitability. Getting delegates to register for training is an uphill struggle, see how one organisation managed to fill their courses.
Other examples: Training Company, Software Company

Brand Awareness:
Entering new markets can be costly and difficult. See how one IT company used e-mail marketing to build reputation, presence and business.
Other examples: Law firm, Logistics company

Market Education:
Sales cannot happen if the marketplace does not understand how new products and services can benefit their business. One training company used e-marketing to educate and inform potential clients.
Other examples: Marketing Company, Software Company