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One-to-one Business English Support


Providing individually-designed one-to-one Business English support to help with any language-related problem for non-native speakers at any level of ability

How can Abachi help?

The kind of support given is entirely needs based and is agreed upon by the trainee, the client, and Abachi.  Support can be given on either a short-term or long-term basis.

There is no charge for an initial consultation and we are happy to meet with supervisors/managers of possible trainees privately or with their trainee if desired to ensure the right training is provided.

As mentioned in “About us” the main trainer has spent the last 10 years involved in providing Business English support in Cambridge chiefly to non-native business professionals working in Cambridge Science Park, including such companies as Takeda and Astex.


Typical areas of support include help in improving:

General Spoken Skills

Such as pronunciation, intonation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary

Social Skills For Business

Such as: different ways to start conversations, how to keep conversations going, how to politely make requests, how to politely disagree/refuse requests etc.

Presentation Skills (both formal and informal)

In terms of structure, delivery, visual aid design and preparing for questions. Training might look at making sure:

  •  The organisation is logical and will achieve the purpose desired
  • There is a strong introduction to make clear the purpose of the talk and highlight the benefit to the listeners
  • There is a strong conclusion that summarises the importance of the talk and, if appropriate, discusses next steps etc.
  • The delivery engages the audience (i.e. suitable eye contact, gestures, pronunciation, speed etc.)
  • The visual aids have impact
  • The speaker is well prepared to answer questions
Presentation Dry Runs

This provides an opportunity to practice a presentation and receive detailed feedback.

Meeting Skills

In terms of politely giving opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, interrupting, offering alternatives, giving conditions etc.

Written Skills

In terms of structure, clarity, tone and grammatical accuracy.

  •   As for email writing, training might look at:
    • Analysing the trainee’s emails for structure/grammatical accuracy, choice of vocabulary etc.
    • How tone can affect the reader
    • How formality needs to change depending on the reader
    • How importance and urgency can be signalled
    • How to politely refuse a request or accept with conditions

Typical requests

To the left are examples of typical requests but we are happy to discuss any needs. Please contact us for more details

I believe that dictation is one of the effective ways to improve your overall English skills….It improves not only your listening skill but also the grammatical knowledge.  The training program this time was something that I did for the first time and was interesting. 


Rio Tinto