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About Us


Abachi Business English Training is a company providing Business English language training to non-native business professionals at any level of ability in the Cambridge area.

The company specialises in two areas to help enable non-native speakers to communicate more effectively in the workplace:

  • Providing individually-designed one-to-one Business English support to help with any language-related problem for non-native speakers at any level of ability
  • Providing a detailed assessment of an individual’s English listening ability. The assessment is suitable for non-native speakers at any level of ability who are aware that they do not always catch English spoken at completely normal speed. Based on the assessment, customised training can be given to make a measurable improvement


Abachi Business English Training was set up by Murray Jacobs, a qualified Business English trainer with over 10 years of overseas experience teaching Business English to employees of companies such as P&G, Omron, and Eli Lilly.

He has spent the last 10 years involved in providing Business English support in Cambridge chiefly to non-native business professionals working in Cambridge Science Park, including such companies as Takeda and Astex.

He has helped non-native speakers to improve the following Business English skills:

  • General spoken skills such as: pronunciation, intonation, fluency, grammar and vocabulary
  • Social skills for business such as: different ways to start conversations, how to keep conversations going, how to politely make requests, how to politely disagree/refuse requests etc.
  • Presentation skills (both formal and informal) in terms of delivery, structure, visual aid design and preparing for questions.
  • Meeting skills in terms of politely giving opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, interrupting, offering alternatives, giving conditions etc.
  • Written skills in terms of structure, clarity, tone and grammatical accuracy.
  • Developing listening ability has been a particular interest and the belief that failing to catch or misinterpreting information when listening to natural spoken English can lead to miscommunication, misunderstandings and missed opportunities. There are a variety of identifiable factors as to why someone may have trouble catching English spoken at normal speed and, as a result, an assessment was developed that can identify which particular factors are causing a listener at any level of ability difficulty.  Following analysis of the assessment, customised training can then be given to make someone aware of what they are actually hearing and help them to improve their ability to listen to and understand native speakers speaking at completely normal speed.


Key Features

There is no charge for an initial consultation to discuss possible training.

Please contact us to arrange a time for us to visit.

Training is usually one-to-one

We specialise in helping individuals to solve their particular language difficulties. If more than one individual has the same language difficulty then group training can be arranged.

Training usually takes place at the client’s company

This minimises time away for those taking the training. However, if there is a specific reason why someone prefers the training to take place elsewhere, alternatives can be arranged.

Training times are flexible.

These can include early morning starts outside normal working hours if desired.

Input from supervisors/managers is welcomed

It may be that the training has been requested from a supervisor/manager of an individual. Abachi is happy to meet/welcomes input from supervisors/managers before and during the training and will keep them informed of the progress being made and can make adjustments if necessary.

Confidentiality is guaranteed

If desired, Abachi is always willing to sign confidentiality agreements. Depending on the training required, there may be no need to work with any confidential material.  If, for example, presentations/emails are being used in the training, there is absolutely no problem with deleting/changing any confidential information beforehand.  However, as stated above, we are perfectly happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.